Deutsch/Li Wedding

role: designer, project manager, front end developer

objective: an elegant wedding suite inspired by a historic venue and, later, an update to the original design to accommodate a change of venue

audience: friends and family

For my own wedding suite, I let the venue, a mansion built in 1932, dictate the design. I selected typefaces that were contemporary to that period (Gill Sans and Bauer Bodoni) and colors that complement the ballroom’s blue walls.

However, when my wedding venue closed its doors and cancelled my contract, I needed to update the event’s branding to fit in with the new space I had found. This second venue’s dark and richly hued interior called for brighter, warmer colors. I revised the color palette and created these pretty, romantic pieces.

The search for a new venue threw us off schedule, and it became clear that we lacked the time to execute my letterpressed dream. Instead, I turned to digital media. The wedding website served as an online invitation and could be updated as we planned our special day. The design is straightforward and easy to navigate so that guests can radidly locate important information.

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Identity V1


Identity V2

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