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Web accessibility is the practice of building websites and tools that take into account the needs of users with disabilities. The 2015 U.S. Census found that 12.6%, or 40 million, Americans have disabilities, such as low vision and ambulatory difficulties. In the context of web accessibility, disabilities include those that are physical (such as deafness), cognitive (such as dyslexia), and situational (such as having a broken arm.)

Accessibility is important to me because I see the web as an equalizer in its ability to connect people and disseminate information. My goal for this website is to achieve WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance. To this end, I have designed and built this site with accessibility in mind and performed manual tests using the SiteImprove Accessibility Checker and WebAIM Color Contrast Checker.

Unfortunately, I have some work to do to meet my goal. I am tracking known issues in the github repo. If you have thoughts on how this site can be more accessible, I’d love to hear from you!