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Designer with an affinity for the bold and expressive. Developer turning concepts into code. Typography nerd and accessible-design crusader.


As a web designer with a strong development background, Michellanne Li creates and manages the visual language of a website, from color palette and typography to navigation and functionality. She loves tinkering to build great designs that serve client needs while being easy to use and fun to look at—and her integrated approach produces engaging, accessible results.

Michellanne has worked in print, identity, and package design, offering thoughtful visual solutions to meet the needs her diverse clientele, from real-estate developers to nonprofit initiatives. Though an artist at heart, she’s an adept coder who develops a website from mockup to prototype.

In an ever-changing online environment, Michellanne’s commitment to and expertise in digital accessibility sets her apart. As a contributor to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative, she helps lead the charge to build websites that every individual can use—whatever their physical, cognitive, or situational disabilities. Michellanne is well versed in accessibility guidelines and implementation methodology, and she regularly advises clients on accessibility procedures.

Currently based in Chicago, Michellanne earned her BFA at the Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis and originally hails from Smithville, Texas. When she steps away from color palettes and web typography, Michellanne enjoys cooking, post-Impressionism, and anime.


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